• Producer Resource Kit

    The Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board (CMCB) has developed a resource kit to aid producers in complying with the upcoming start of assessments.

Assessment Guide

Straight Facts

This page details five key facts about the upcoming assessment.

What's a CMU?

Learn about the four basic criteria that determine what constitutes a concrete masonry unit assessed under the program.

Included Products

This section covers example products you may produce that would be covered by the program.

Excluded Products

Not all products you stock on the yard or even concrete products manufactured on your machinery are covered by the program. This section covers example products that are excluded from assessments.

Governing Definitions

These are the legal definitions that guide the Concrete Masonry Checkoff program.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is designed to answer specific technical questions we have received about assessments.

Stay Informed

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