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New RFPs Now Open for Important Partnerships with CMCB

The Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board has issued three new requests for proposals (RFPs) to build partnerships with companies as it relates to audit and compliance.

Financial Audit RFP

In the first RFP, the Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board (CMCB) is soliciting proposals from certified public accounting firms to provide independent audit services for the 2024-2026 fiscal years ending December 31, 2026. CMCB reserves the right to initiate a request for a proposal prior to the end of the three years and to select a different certified public accounting firm.

The Board is seeking an independent audit to receive an opinion as to whether the financial statements are free from material misstatements. This request for proposal (RFP) represents a competitive process for independent certified public accountants to provide the above referenced annual audit. This RFP allows CMCB to select a CPA firm based on demonstrated competence and qualification to perform the services described herein and the flexibility to negotiate a fair and reasonable price for those services.

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Investor Verification RFP

A second RFP seeks a qualified firm or individuals to implement a compliance program relating to the verification of assessment reporting and payments by block producers.

The Board will engage for a service to verify remittance reports from individual producers. The verification service is intended to assure that:

  • Each producer is remitting assessments for all appropriate products manufactured by the producer
  • Each producer is not remitting assessments for products not covered by the assessment
  • The volume of covered products sold by each producer during a particular quarter is reported accurately
  • The product offering diversity is captured accurately

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Market Share, Evaluation and Compliance RFP

And finally, a third RFP is soliciting firms to work in partnership with the Board on developing a baseline industry insights and analytics report as well as program measurement and evaluation methodology that can be updated periodically to show the impact of the Concrete Masonry Checkoff.

Scope of Work includes:

  • Development of periodic reporting and analysis of market trends using multiple data sources. Quarterly
  • Business Trends presentations to the Board.
  • Design and operation of innovative analysis of data from industry competitors providing a complete picture of market share across channels.
  • Economic and ROI analysis
  • Opportunity identification and market sizing
  • Benefit/cost ratio of the program’s impact dollar value for each dollar of spending by that program.
  • Track all conversions to concrete block attributable to Checkoff efforts.
  • Use to establish Checkoff-specific performance measures, such as incremental demand and ROI.

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