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Roster of Regional Advisory Committees Grow

The rosters for the Checkoff's five regional advisory committees continue to fill up thanks to widespread interest from professionals in all segments of the industry: producers, associations, masonry contractors and partners.
RAC News

Interim CEO Ray McVeigh says the response from people interested in serving on their region's committee was strong. "We heard from a wide variety of individuals, including a great mix of backgrounds, industry roles and geographies," McVeigh says. "We’ve received interest sign up forms from producers, contractors, suppliers, architects, association execs and consultants. This response is exactly what the industry needs to develop the best possible programs that will be tailored to the unique local needs of each region."

Important Role

RACs are responsible for developing local and regional programs for submission to the Board for investment consideration. Procedures for RACs were intentionally left flexible in the Act and Order that established the checkoff. While the Board is still finalizing detail and structure for the RACs, several parameters have been set. The most important function of the RACs are to recommend programs and projects unique to their region and its specific needs.

"Eligibility to participate in an RAC is deliberately broad," notes McVeigh. "Masonry contractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers, labor specialists, members of academia and association personnel are all welcome and needed. It is expected that each RAC will meet two to four times per year at a location within the region. RACs will be critical to the success of the checkoff – I hope many of you will consider volunteering your time to this important endeavor."

Informational Session

To learn more about the role of RACs, review this June 2022 informational session which explains how the checkoff's Regional Advisory Committees (RACs) will work, how funding will be allocated between regions and national, and ways to get involved.