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Historic Milestone: Product Assessments Begin April 1st

Saturday, April 1st kicked off the very first assessment period for the Concrete Masonry Checkoff and producer-members of the organization’s board of directors reflect on this important milestone in efforts to bolster the concrete masonry industry.
Ryan Ross, CEO and Owner of Arizona’s Block-Lite says: “April 1st marked the day the masonry industry comes together as a united front committed to market growth.” Ryan is a third-generation block manufacturer representing producers in the South Central region and is part of the Board’s Programs Committee.

Sean Rustad of Kentucky’s Lee Building Products says the date represents a key moment in our efforts to regain market share. “I’m thrilled to see this next step in the unification of all producers,” he says. “With this funding, we can collaborate on effective marketing messages as well as develop national and regional programs that propel our industry forward.” Sean represents block manufacturers in the North Central region of the U.S. and is chair of the Board’s Audit Committee.

For Board alternate Mike Littrell of ABC Block & Brick in Arkansas, April 1st marks the start of a new chapter in the history of concrete masonry. “It’s the beginning of our product’s evolution into the premier building product for builders, consumers, architects and engineers,” Mike says. “The beginning of assessments ensures concrete masonry will take its rightful place as the safest and most environmentally-friendly building product available.”

About the CMC Board

The Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board represents a cross section of the industry and includes representatives of independent and multi-plant operations in five regions drawn around states in the Northeast, Southeast, North and South Central and the West. Each member brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to oversee upcoming research, education and promotion programs designed to strengthen the concrete masonry industry, maintain, develop, and expand its markets and promote the use of our products in construction and building.

About Assessments

Mandatory assessments apply at the first point of sale for all dry-cast, machine-molded concrete masonry units whose actual width (or bed depth) is 3 inches or greater suitable for use in masonry applications. The one-cent assessment on each unit is to be paid quarterly to a blind trust and the resulting dollars will fund programs or projects that answer one simple question: does it ultimately drive demand for CMU?

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