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Chair of CMCB Recaps 2-Day Baltimore Work Session

Following its second in-person meeting, the Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board is one step closer to having a detailed strategic plan to guide the organization.
Baltimore Session

Major Ogilvie, Chair of the CMCB, says the meeting in Baltimore was a productive step towards "building a foundation for our checkoff and industry to succeed."

"Last week, our board came together to lay the groundwork for our checkoff by outlining the strategic framework for our checkoff investments," Olgivie says. "Overall, this process was tremendously informative and exciting. I strongly believe the outcomes will help us move forward with a lot of momentum to establish a successful checkoff for the future of our industry. Our next steps will be to gather feedback from our regional advisory committees and individual producers through some additional survey work."

Leveraging Checkoff Dollars

The day before the main work session, Ogilvie and several members of the Board had one-on-one meetings with key representatives of the Department of Commerce, the governmental agency charged with guiding the program forward. "While we were in the Washington D.C. area, some of the Board members also had a chance to meet with DOC leadership to identify areas of partnership, particularly with carbon sequestration and building resiliency in natural disaster-prone areas of the country. With that, we could have an opportunity to leverage checkoff dollars with government dollars to make our checkoff investments go even further," he says.

Next Session Early May 2023

The Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board consists of 21 block producers from across the country. For the Baltimore session, 19 of the voting and non-voting representatives attended the 2-day planning meeting while two attended via Zoom. "I would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting, and for all of their interaction and attentiveness throughout. I think we’ve put together a good framework that will guide our checkoff investments as we move forward. We have a lot more to get done, but we are building a strong foundation for success."

The next CMCB in-person session is set for early May with the meeting location still to be determined.

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