A Long History of Checkoff Success

Posted: May 3, 2023
A primary goal of any checkoff program is to drive demand. Checkoffs empower the industry to establish goals and decide for themselves how to best develop new markets and strengthen current markets for ongoing growth.
Major Ogilvie
  • Since 2005, National Mango Board promotion programs have contributed to increasing consumption 93% in the U.S. to 3.63 pounds per capita in 2020, up from an average of 1.88 pounds at the start of the program.1
  • The National Honey Board recently announced that honey has now surpassed sugar as the preferred sweetener of Americans.2
  • Since its inception, the Softwood Lumber Checkoff has increased demand by 6.3 billion board feet, which translates to an incremental $2.4 billion in revenue.3

Across industries, Checkoffs have been shown to spur aggressive growth, and we’re excited to demonstrate how strategic investments can have the same effect on our industry.

The next meeting of the Board is set for next week, on May 10th & 11th in Denver. Stay tuned for more updates on our strategic plan moving forward.

Major Ogilvie, Chair
Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board (CMCB)


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Board Member Spotlight: Sean Rustad

Meet Sean Rustad – Sean is a member of our Communications Committee and Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Lee Building Products. As a Director for the Checkoff, Sean is excited to work with industry leaders on a synergized promotional program that is focused on regional and national strategies to increase marketshare, create new markets and grow product demand.

He hopes that the checkoff will provide a unified industry message focusing on the value and benefits of using concrete masonry units for all construction needs – residential, multi-family and commercial. “With funding from assessments, we can collaborate on effective marketing messages as well as develop national and regional programs that propel our industry forward.”

Question of the Week:

Q: Why does our industry need a checkoff?

A: Three primary reasons:

  • Strengthen the position of the domestic concrete masonry products industry.
  • Maintain, develop and expand domestic markets for concrete masonry products.
  • Promote the use of concrete masonry products in construction and building.

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