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Overhead Policy

The Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board (CMCB) is a 501(c)1 non-profit organization formed with a mission to support the advancement of concrete masonry block in the United States through promotion education and research. The CMCB supports projects that will ultimately improve the understanding of, and advance the use of, concrete masonry block. Because the Foundation is a charitable entity working to maximize resources available for the advancement of its mission, this policy establishes the maximum amount that will be considered for indirect costs in program applications.

Indirect costs for contracts are subject to the following limitations:

– 0 Percent — Applicable to government agencies, private foundations, for-profit organizations, and other organizations that do not meet the qualifications for a college or university.

– Up To 15 Percent — Applicable to colleges and universities located within the U.S. or Canada.

These rates apply to both the primary applicant and any sub-applicant. The rates provided are the maximum rates allowed under the CMCB’s policy. An applicant with an actual indirect cost rate lower than the maximum rate permitted shall not increase the funding request to the maximum allowed.

Indirect costs, also referred to as overhead costs or facilities and administrative costs, include:

  • Operational costs incurred by an applicant organization, but are not easily identified with any specific project;
  • Administrative or other expenses that are not directly allocable to a particular activity or project; and
  • Expenses related to the general operations of an organization that are shared among projects or activities.