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Antitrust Statement

  • While the Concrete Masonry Products Board is not subject to Federal or State antitrust laws, the CMU producers that serve as its Directors, and producers that it serves are vigilant to assure compliance with such laws. Consequently, the Board, and its members, officers, directors and staff shall strictly conform to all dictates of Federal and State antitrust laws. CMPB and its members, officers and directors, will not tolerate any departure from this policy, nor will they permit any person or entity acting on their behalf to undertake any action which would contravene such policy.
  • Whenever possible, legal counsel shall attend each meeting of the Board to assure compliance with this policy. Such counsel and the directors shall voice any and all doubts which they may have to the legal implications or propriety of any activity of the Board on any matter raised at any such meeting.
  • The Board will not tolerate any agreement, understanding, plan or scheme of any kind, between competitors, with respect to prices, terms or conditions of sale, production, distribution, territories, customers, boycotts or any other activities prohibited by Federal or State antitrust laws.