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Checkoff Board Committees

In addition to an Executive Committee, the Concrete Masonry Checkoff Board has a number of specialized committees dedicated to Finance, Auditing, Permanent CEO Search, Communications, Programs, Nominating and Regional Advisory Committees.

Finance Committee

Pat Sauter (Chair)
Erik Absalon
Rich O’Connor
Brendan Quinn
Melissa Kline

Audit Committee

Sean Rustad (Chair)
Kendall Anderegg
Dwayne Aucoin
Ryan Ross
Melissa Kline

Communications Committee

Brendan Quinn (Chair and Assessment Task Group)
Heidi Jandris
Greg Gibbel
Mike Littrell
Sean Rustad
Jim Gendron (Assessment Task Group)
Mike Finch (Assessment Task Group)
Gary Hensley (Assessment Task Group)

Programming Committee

Heidi Jandris (Chair)
Rocky Fizzano
Sam Finney
Mike Littrell
Preston Sparkman
Mike Finch
Ryan Ross